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I Almost Fell Off My Unicorn!

Twig the Fairy, also known as Twig Oaklyn Flewinia Thistlebottom, was first sighted at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival in 2003.

She now travels the country visiting Minnesota, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, South Dakota, and Colorado, which would be even more impressive if you knew how many shiny things she sees between locations and how distracting these objects are for her.

When children see Twig, they are often struck with a sense of awe and occasionally with a puff of glitter.

She greets the small humans with a song played on her magical flute and a special gift just for them. They will often protect the gift with great vigor from anyone who may try to steal it, such as a goblin or an older brother.

She speaks volumes not through words, but through her interactions and music.

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